Picture of myself

Hi, I am Stefan Guan


I am a junior UX Designer crafting experiences for the user. I am a firm believer that good designs must consider people's needs and behaviours. That is why I allocate time and empathize with users to generate concrete data to inform my design decisions.

In an ever-growing field, I love to continually learn about new technologies and practices. I am extremely eager to utilize my curiosity to create novel and optimized solutions.


On a more personal note, I adore technology. When I am not designing, you can often expect me tinkering with devices or playing with my dog. Yup, she is a very good Labrador.

I also enjoy cooking, especially Italian food. The seemingly simple list of ingredients places an emphasis on technique, preparation, and quality. Therefore, I know precisely what I am eating, ensuring a healthy and tasty dining experience.

I would absolutely love to get in contact with you.